Dartsen: Deleted Scene

This is one of the original scenes from the literary fantasy story, Dartsen & Ebony Heights (the working title), before I switched to prose for the medium.

These characters have carried through from revision after revision, so I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I enjoy writing them. To see more works like this, please support me on Patreon.


From behind a grouping of trees, KOLAR appears with NENSI and CYRANO behind her. They’re in a sparsely forested area, with only animal footprints around. Beyond a nearby hill, there’s a small dark building with narrow windows.

CYRANO grins at NENSI, his breath turning to steam in the cold mountain air. She smiles back, fangs showing, and she points to the shadows behind the trees. (Note: Nensi’s breath can’t be seen.)



Paying attention, Cyrano? You’re the rookie here.



Hey— student!



You’ve been a student for four years.


GINO walks over to them, pulling his jacket closer. His fingertips were blackened, blurring into his human skin tone like smoke.



But this is your first rescue.



Get ready to be impressed, Professor. (looking to Nensi) We’ve drilled this plan dozens of times.


NENSI nods.



Put your headset in, Cyrano.


NENSI smirks, tapping the bud in her ear. Over the next exchanges, KOLAR shrugs in the background and puts her bud in too.


CYRANO (embarrassed)

I didn’t forget that.



Wow, you were right. You do need me.



So continues a legacy of confident spotters.



We only have three.


MALIO (shown in Kolar’s office at Ebony Heights)

Wait, there’s only three of us?


KOLAR (aerial view – as they walk to the lab building)

You wanted to be important.



SIRENS blare and a FLASHING LIGHT pulses intermittently in the halls. NENSI and CYRANO are together, fighting against two guards.

GUARD A is an Assassin, seemingly genderless. The shortest, they’re fast but compact. They have four arms and wield small electric discs that act like a boomerang. Each disc has its own effect and duration, which you can guess based on the color of the light on the disc. It’s possible they were created in this laboratory.

GUARD B is female and Orc-esque. She’s between Cyrano and Nensi in height with a figure 8 build. She has a taser-esque weapon that reminds me of the gem destabilizer and SWAT-like armor. Her weapon drains thermal energy, her armor absorbs thermal energy and redirects that to repair itself (as long as absorption is faster than the damage).


MALIO (V.O.– Cyrano in view)

Gino’s held up, but Kolar’s on her way. Just keep ‘em busy.


GUARD A is fighting NENSI; GUARD B stands between them and CYRANO. His arms look like cracked lava, fading in effect up to his shoulders.



You look upset, little lizard.


CYRANO (annoyed)



CYRANO rushes at GUARD B, palm blazing a purple-blue and DISTORTING the wall beyond him. His hand connects with the armor on her forearm, and he smirks.

GUARD B pushes the taser against his side beneath their arms, and CYRANO flinches. His hand FLASHES white first, dimming to orange shortly after. GUARD B still recoils, both of them staggering back.

Her armor looks slightly warped and melted, but it reforms quickly after GLOWING a dull red. CYRANO has his hand over where he was hit on his side, which is smoking but unmarked. GUARD B smiles at him.



You like that? Made ‘em myself.


MALIO (V.O.– Nensi in view)

You won’t reach Nensi before—


CYRANO (angry, desperate)

I can do it!


GUARD B looks like she’s about to reply, but KOLAR appears at the opposite hallway. KOLAR has small injuries and blood on her clothes, but she’s smiling and heading their way.


MALIO (V.O.– Kolar or Guard B / Cyrano in view)

—Kolar’s here.


GUARD B looks at Kolar and pauses a moment before running toward NENSI and GUARD A, and CYRANO pursues her. GUARD B raises her weapon, a dot of orange energy (resembling Cyrano’s skin) forming between the tongs.

She’s going for GUARD A, which Cyrano and Guard A mistake for targeting Nensi or Kolar, but she hesitates. In a blur, NENSI strikes GUARD B’s arm so it breaks with the bone sticking out from her forearm. The taser SKITTERS across the floor, and GUARD B falls against the wall with a SCREAM, cradling her arm against her chest.



Son’f a–


GUARD A takes advantage of the distraction by lunging at NENSI, but CYRANO tackles them in his fully shifted salamander form. They’re taller than he is long, but he’s stronger and the sheer heat he gives off makes GUARD A pass out during the struggle to get free.

KOLAR arrives while CYRANO shifts back to his humanoid form, standing.



Nensi, was that–


CYRANO gestures to her arm, which is partly burned and the sleeve somewhat melted to her blistering skin.



Not you. The discs.


CYRANO sighs in relief. KOLAR shoves his shoulder, and he catches himself from falling over.


KOLAR (smiling)

None of that yet, we’re not done.


GUARD B pulls a small pistol from a holster beside her armor, and KOLAR reacts first. KOLAR slams a boot down on GUARD B’s arm, fracturing it with a soft CRACK and a grimace from her. The gun CLATTERS to the floor.

NENSI has her dagger out, and CYRANO’s arms are flaring orange-white.


MALIO (V.O.– KOLAR in view)

Gino’s chasing the last one down.


KOLAR nods to NENSI, who returns the gesture and faces GUARD B as KOLAR leaves the facility. NENSI raises her hand, extending her fingers toward the wounded guard.


NENSI (in a different font / tone)



GUARD B’s head nods forward, eyes drooping as she fights it. She goes still.


CYRANO (laughs)

You’re magic, Nensi.


BOTH STUDENTS are using standard-looking cuffs to restrain the guards, except each set of cuffs has a blinking light on the peninsula where the short chain connects to the cuff.



All vampires can do it.



A lone woman, DR. CARARRA, is riding a snowmobile away from the facility. There are two side bags on the snowmobile, and she has a close hung backpack strung across her chest.

She’s bundled up for the weather, and she keeps glancing at the side mirrors of her snowmobile.


MALIO (V.O. – Gino in his sarranco form in a shadow)

She’s getting away, Professor.



Hissing noise that might be a confirmation.


MALIO (V.O. – Dr. Carrara in view)

I don’t know what that means, but…


CLOSE UP on DR. CARRARA checking her side view again, GINO appearing in front of her with a SOFT WHISPER and a HISS. The snowmobile veers off, slowing to a stop with no rider.



KOLAR is waiting outside the east door to the lab when GINO reappears in sarranco form. DR. CARRARA drops at his feet, loosely curled up and vacant eyed. Possibly include a closer look at Gino’s form.


MALIO (V.O. – Kolar, Dr. Carrara, and Gino in view)




Alright, Settimo. Come back to us.



Low hissing noise like a sigh or a grumble.


KOLAR (as next description happens)

Don’t give me your sass, y’hear?


GINO’s transformation back starts with his hands and feet, but he’s also getting shorter and bulkier as it progresses. Claws fade to fingernails, his arms broaden and lighten, and his clothes and earrings reappear.

The transformation finishes with his head, travelling form the back of his neck, across his scalp, to his face, and finally the QUIET HISSING ends in a short GROAN. His hands are a smoky color blurring into the skin tone of his arm (like his fingertips were in the first scene).


KOLAR (smiling, shoves his shoulder lightly)

You’re gettin’ there! Soon I’ll call you Professor too.


GINO (laughing quietly)

Don’t, you’ll scare me.


GUARD B (run down, looking at Dr. Carrara)

So you’re it. The sarranco.


NENSI (turning, glaring)

How did you know.


GINO (surprised)

Hell, Kolar! One arm not enough?


One arm obviously has the bone sticking out, but the other is bruising an unhealthy dark green / black. CYRANO is standing watch over her and Guard A, his palms a dull red and fingers still looking like cracked lava.


NENSI (raising her hand)

I did one. She earned both.


CYRANO (gesturing to GUARD A)

Hate to break this up, but that one’s not gonna sleep forever.



Warn Maike, we’ve got an Assassin.



Think she’ll still let you into the facility?


GINO (lifting Guard A)

She won’t have time not to.


KOLAR (amused disbelief)

You’re going in, Settimo?


GINO (pointing them toward a shadow portal beside a large machine)

Not a chance.


Thanks for reading!

To see more works like this, please support me on Patreon.

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