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Original Fiction:

Saving Ourselves ♦ “Guys with Guns” (p. 71)Original

Fan Fiction:

BioQuest: CYO StoryHellfire (Hawkedith)Fanfiction WorksArchive of Our Own

Literary genre writing is a growing medium, and in short, it combines both what makes a compelling mystery novel and fantasy TV show so exciting. The characters are realistic and their worlds are breathtaking to create an escape you can relate to. From fanfiction to original works, I strive to carry that concept in every piece — from the fluffiest drabble to the most extensive, gritty dystopian story.

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Original Fiction:

Dira Race v1

Saving Ourselves, a Patreon-funded original post-apocalyptic fantasy story with coming of age themes.

Manatee_CoverGuys With Guns”, SNHU Literary Magazine (The Manatee), May 2013. A short second-person story on p. 71 of this PDF.


Original Works


Fan Fiction:


Fanfiction Works


Archive of Our Own

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