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This is a choose your own fanfiction text adventure where you, the readers, can decide how Tenenbaum or Elizabeth react to story events. They are on a mission with Booker in tow to save Jack Ryan from Fontaine as well as rescue all the remaining Little Sisters.

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Story So Far:

Through a tear, Booker and Elizabeth arrived in Tenenbaum’s sanctuary in Olympus Heights of Rapture just as she saved the first Little Sisters in September 1958. They learned about her and Jack Ryan from Fink’s notes on Suchong’s experiments. In exchange for her help saving Jack, they offered their assistance with rescuing the rest of the Little Sisters.

Tenenbaum knew Fontaine was going to plan his death in the coming days, and Ryan believed he had Fontaine cornered by shutting down access to Port Neptune (where Jack was to be smuggled out). With Tenenbaum’s knowledge of the tunnels in Rapture, they reached Port Neptune where Fontaine himself had arrived to send Jack off.

Jack reaches Tenenbaum safely and Booker tells them to run. When they return without Booker, it’s Jack who tells Elizabeth that Booker stayed behind. Upon hearing this, Elizabeth decides to find Booker herself, but she’s intercepted by Sander Cohen. He redirected the Bathysphere she was in to Fort Frolic, where he asked her to sing at his side. Just as she agreed and stepped into the unstable artist’s territory, Sullivan and Booker were waiting for her.

Although Booker made a deal with Sullivan to get them out of there before Ryan came to sort Cohen out, Elizabeth chose to keep her word for Cohen. In that moment, Ryan contacted Sullivan to say Fontaine had surfaced to commit smuggling out on the docks.

Elizabeth went with Booker and Sullivan to fight against him in Fontaine’s Fisheries, but she remembered that Tenenbaum said he would fake his death… The man they would kill tonight wasn’t Fontaine, and it was possible he didn’t even know he was set up to be killed.

She contacted Ryan with the radio from the Bathysphere, giving her name as “Anna” when he demanded to know who she was. When she revealed that this man wasn’t Fontaine and tried to persuade Ryan to call Sullivan off, he accused her of having ties with Fontaine if she knew so much. Calling her “Ms. Culpepper”, he warned her that all parasites have the same fate.

Sullivan tracked Elizabeth down and he told her that Fontaine was dead– meaning his death had been faked successfully and soon, Fontaine would be after Jack. But when Booker and Elizabeth returned to the Sanctuary in Olympus Heights that night, Tenenbaum informed them that Cohen had access to the shady networks of Rapture that Ryan couldn’t be seen near.

Although she had Booker at her side for the meeting with Cohen, it was clear she would have to get this information from Cohen herself. Jack was supposed to remain at the Sanctuary while Tenenbaum got supplies and Elizabeth and Booker visited Cohen, but he followed them to Cohen’s apartment.

He took the uniform of one of Cohen’s attendants, stating that he finally had a choice in these matters. Booker scolded him for leaving the sisters alone, since they didn’t yet have the freedom that Jack did and Elizabeth helped resolve the situation.

Jack escaped while they distracted Cohen with a dance, but Tenenbaum got back to the Sanctuary before he did. She lectured and consoled him, eventually reminding him that his choices were his own – consequences and all. Booker and Elizabeth returned to discuss their next steps against Fontaine, who had taken on the identity ‘Atlas’.

Elizabeth applied to work with Suchong as a lab assistant to spy on his actions, Tenenbaum stayed behind to watch over the Little Sisters, and Booker was instructed to remain in the Sanctuary with Jack for safety.

Except on New Year’s Eve, Booker and Jack slipped out of the Sanctuary to find the first dose of Lot 192 while Security was focused on the party at the Kashmir Restaurant. Elizabeth tracked Jack down at the Kashmir, crossing paths with Diane and Sinclair as she did. Jack explained that Booker had gone to the labs while Jack stayed here and at first, they went towards the labs together.

The attack on the Kashmir by Atlas and his men caused Jack to stay behind and fight while Elizabeth found Booker evading a Big Daddy at Suchong’s labs. He did get the first dose of Lot 192, but Elizabeth dropped it in the bathysphere as they escaped and Booker accidentally got some in his system trying to catch the bottle.

Jack found them outside the Kashmir, his jacket covered in blood, and they narrowly escaped Atlas and his thugs. Through the tunnels, Jack led Booker back to the Sanctuary while Elizabeth acquired medical supplies from the Medical Pavilion. She saw Diane there under Steinman’s care, but she left her behind to bring the supplies back to the Sanctuary.

Tenenbaum was drunk from New Year’s celebrations alone (possibly to deal with the stress of the night), and Booker kept an eye on her while Jack and Elizabeth talked. Over the radio, Elizabeth received the news that fighting had broken out in the streets of Rapture and Suchong had died in his lab. Only just recovering from his fight with Atlas, Jack was rattled by the news.

Elizabeth asked him to stay behind while she went to Suchong’s Free Clinic to search for the formula for Lot 192. She ran into Sullivan there, who ordered her to go back to Booker. Because of the riots and rampant arrests, he was too preoccupied to keep an eye on her. With that unsupervised time, Elizabeth found the formula hidden in Suchong’s lab coat.

As she went to return to Sanctuary, she saw Jack in disguise heading towards Hestia Chambers in Apollo Square. When she followed him there, they ran into Diane McClintock, who joined up with them and was officially accepted as part of the team back in Olympus Heights.

After the civil war was well under way, they opened up a splicer rehabilitation clinic and made an alliance with Sullivan to help keep the peace. Older Little Sisters watch over the younger Sisters still in recovery in Olympus Heights while Elizabeth, Booker, and Diane oversee the clinic. Tenenbaum and Jack do supply runs to keep everything going.

On one run, Tenenbaum took Jack to meet Jasmine and they ran into Andrew Ryan. Calling Booker in for support over the radio, Tenenbaum had Jack and Jasmine hide while she confronted Ryan.

What would you like to happen next?



Status: Slightly injured

Mental state: Vengeful

He surfaced at the Kashmir for the New Year’s Party and got into a fight with Jack where Atlas killed him so he’d restore at a prototype of the Vita Chamber. He’s furious that Jack got away with Booker and Elizabeth, and it’s safe to assume the threat has not passed.

Brigid Tenenbaum (reader controlled)

Status: Healthy

Mental state: Tipsy

The scientist seeking to rescue the Little Sisters who previously worked with Andrew Ryan, Yi Suchong, and Frank Fontaine. She shot Booker when they first arrived in her safe house in Olympus Heights, but she has since agreed to help them free Jack Ryan in exchange for their help saving the Little Sisters.

While Elizabeth spied on Cohen with Booker, she was getting supplies to account for Jack and her new allies. She has a maternal bond with Jack and Elizabeth while she has a tense friendship with Booker (which she has suggested adding benefits to). She’s been helping the rescued Little Sisters to recover and acts as the group’s doctor when someone gets hurt.

Booker DeWitt

Status: Cuts on his right hand

Mental state: Sound

He arrived with Elizabeth at Tenenbaum’s safe house in Olympus Heights and offered to help save Little Sisters if Tenenbaum helped them save Jack Ryan. While he didn’t like her at first, they seem to have become friends through the darker parts of their past.

Upon his arrival with Sullivan at Fort Frolic to protect Elizabeth from Cohen, Booker mentioned that he’d struck a deal with Sullivan (although no details were given). He’s learned to access security systems of Rapture to a certain extent and recently broke into Suchong’s labs to get the first dose of Lot 192.

After Elizabeth broke the bottle of Lot 192 and some got into Booker’s system, but he’s since recovered from its effects. He’s currently at Sanctuary keeping an eye on a flirtatious, tipsy Tenenbaum.

Elizabeth (reader controlled)

Status: Healthy

Mental state: Sound

She arrived with Booker at Tenenbaum’s safe house in Olympus Heights and convinced Tenenbaum to help them find Jack Ryan in exchange for their help saving the Little Sisters. She has Tenenbaum’s trust and respect, as she allows her to watch over the Little Sisters if needed.

Having decided to keep her promise to Sander Cohen’s “songbird”, Elizabeth questioned him and determined he wouldn’t help their goals. She became a lab assistant to Suchong in attempt to gather information on the incoming Little Sisters, although it’s unknown what will happen now that Suchong is dead. She was present for the beginning of the fight at the Kashmir and met Diane as well as Sinclair there.

She found the formula for Lot 192 on the back of a photograph of Jack hidden in Suchong’s lab coat.

Jack Ryan

Status: Recently restored via Vita Chamber

Mental state: Resolute

He looks to be in his mid-20s, but he’s only about two years old. Despite this, he is very intelligent and increasingly confident as he makes his own decisions. He’s grown very fond of Elizabeth and Booker, but he doesn’t yet seem to know how to express that fondness.

His escape and reunion with Tenenbaum during the chaotic fight with Fontaine suggests he is more aware of combat than you would expect. During the down time after his rescue, he learned to play guitar from Booker and has taken a liking to the folksy music Booker plays.

At the Kashmir Restaurant where Atlas and his men started the civil war, Jack was killed and restored at a prototype Vita Chamber. He reunited with Elizabeth and Booker there. When he returned to the Sanctuary, he isolated himself to absently play guitar before Elizabeth started up conversation with him.

At the news of Suchong’s death, he was initially rattled and uncertain. Shortly after, he seemed determined to help Elizabeth by going with her although she asked him to remain behind with Booker and Tenenbaum at Sanctuary. Instead, he went out undercover and is heading towards Hestia Chambers in Apollo Square.

Andrew Ryan

Status: Unknown

Mental state: Unknown

The founding leader of Rapture. He has seen Tenenbaum travelling with Booker, and Tenenbaum told him that she no longer works for Frank Fontaine. Still, Ryan is suspicious of her intent but seems indifferent to Booker.

He was on his way to Fort Frolic to meet up with Sullivan and reprimand Cohen… But he was diverted when he announced to Sullivan that Fontaine had made his move in the docks. His ordered Sullivan to go and fight against Fontaine with his security force.

Because of Elizabeth using the name Anna to warn him via radio that the man they were trying to kill wasn’t Fontaine, he suspects Anna Culpepper of having ties to Fontaine. His status during the outbreak of the civil war is unknown.

Sander Cohen

Status: Healthy

Mental state: Insane

Suspicion of Elizabeth/Booker: Mild

The primary artist of Rapture whose mental state has fully collapsed due to the civil war outbreak, economic collapse, and abuse of plasmids and ADAM. As Booker puts it, he’s a lunatic. Worse, he was fixated on Elizabeth being his “songbird” so critics will finally understand his art and he will go to great lengths to get her. For a brief time, Elizabeth decided to keep her word and Cohen believed this was because she couldn’t resist the music.

Tenenbaum warned them that he has connections to the underbelly of Rapture… Which could be used to save more of the girls despite the threat he poses. They agreed he was too unstable to be of use and they cut ties, but now he’s sealed off Fort Frolic and his actions or plans are unknown.


Status: Appears healthy

Mental state: Strained

The head of security in Rapture and frequently doing the dirty work of Andrew Ryan. Since there’s a Booker in another timeline of Rapture, seeing Sullivan the first time triggered memories for Booker of when they first met and he had a nosebleed.

They do seem to get along, however, and Sullivan had struck a deal with Booker to let him and Elizabeth get away before Ryan came to “have a little talk” with Cohen. When Ryan instead ordered him to go fight against Fontaine in the docks for smuggling, which was a capital crime, Sullivan collected on his deal anyway and Booker went along.

After the fight in the docks, Sullivan told Elizabeth that Fontaine had been killed, falling into the ocean after being shot several times. He doesn’t see Elizabeth again until Suchong’s death after the attack on the Kashmir Restaurant, at which time he tells her the quick version of how Rapture is falling apart. He advises her to go back to Booker and stay safe.

Frank Fontaine (dead)

Status: Dead

Mental state: N/A

The owner of Fontaine Futuristics, previous boss (with benefits) to Tenenbaum, and the head of the smuggling ring in Rapture. He seeks to take the city from Andrew Ryan by any means necessary, and he will be faking his death in a matter of days according to what Tenenbaum heard from him last.

He fled the scene when Jack Ryan escaped, and he moved forward with his plans to fake his death. The man who was murdered by Sullivan and his men on the docks fell into the ocean, making identifying the body impossible and death certain.

Kyle Fitzpatrick

Status: Unknown

Mental state: Unknown

The pianist at Cohen’s apartment, who evidently doesn’t hold Cohen in high regard… but was also scared of the artist. If Cohen commanded it, Fitzpatrick obliged. This didn’t stop him from getting a little laugh out of anyone who mocked Cohen, as his reactions to Booker’s discussions with Cohen showed. Little else is known about the man. And with Fort Frolic sealed off, his whereabouts are completely unknown.

Diane McClintock

Status: Recently treated

Mental state: Unknown

She’s romantically involved with Andrew Ryan, although he doesn’t seem very interested in her. When she met Elizabeth at the Kashmir on New Year’s, she seemed to take an immediate liking to her. As Ryan was absent from the party, she danced with Sinclair briefly before the attack broke out from Atlas and his men.

Elizabeth saw her at the Medical Pavilion with Steinman, her face severely injured but she was semi-conscious before they put her under for surgery. With the time that passed between the attack on the Kashmir where she was injured and Suchong’s death, her surgery is certainly finished with her release from the hospital… Otherwise, her condition is unknown.

Augustus Sinclair

Status: Unknown

Mental state: Unknown

He was present at the Kashmir Restaurant and danced briefly with Diane McClintock at the party before Atlas and his men attacked the restaurant. It’s still unknown if he was injured, escaped, or died in the attack.

Dr. Yi Suchong

Status: Deceased

Mental state: N/A

Elizabeth had been working in his labs to get access to the Little Sisters and data to help release Jack from Fontaine’s control. After his discovery that the New Years’ party broke out in civil war across Rapture, he returned to his lab to assess the damage – and wound up dead.

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