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New Year’s: Thane x Shepard (Mass Effect) ♦ Interviewing Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII) ♦ Practical Magic (Star Ocean) ♦ Intention to Court (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
Final Fantasy fanfiction:
Secret Santa: Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) ♦ No Matter What (Elena: Final Fantasy VII) ♦ Rescue & Redemption (VincElena: Final Fantasy VII) ♦ The Distraction (Ignis’ Birthday: Final Fantasy XV) ♦ Burning Light of Infatuation (Gladnis: Final Fantasy XV)
Kingdom Hearts fanfiction:
IX: Things I’m Not Allowed to Do (Kingdom Hearts 2) ♦ LeaIsa: Letters (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) ♦ 8 Days of Axel drabbles (Assorted games) ♦ End of the Road, Buddy (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) ♦ A Way Out (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) ♦ Guiding Light (Kingdom Hearts 3: SoRiku & TerraVen) ♦ Pawns on the Board (Kingdom Hearts Pre-358/2) ♦ Hearts’ Reunion (Kingdom Hearts 3: Zemyx) ♦ A Way Forward (Kingdom Hearts 3: Ienzo’s nightmares) ♦ When the Past Won’t Stay (Kingdom Hearts 3: Ienzo and Even family talk)
BioShock fanfiction:
BioQuest (BioShock CYO Story) ♦ They Are Children (BioShock 1) ♦ Found Poetry: Tenenbaum (BioShock 1)

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Choose Your Own / Text Adventure

Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt, Dr. Tenenbaum, Jack, and Little Sisters


Secret Santa: Vincent Valentine

Vincent is interrupted by a surprise Turk during his holiday moping


No Matter What

Elena plans her escape from Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj during FF: Advent Children.


Rescue & Redemption

Elena finds shelter for herself and Tseng with Vincent during FF: Advent Children


The Distraction: Ignis’ Birthday

Prompto is the distraction for Ignis’ surprise birthday party


Things I’m Not Allowed To Do

Demyx’s Official Not-To-Do List


LeaIsa: Letters

Isa has a collection of letters: one guess who they’re for


8 Days of Axel Drabbles

Fanfictions written for the 8 Days of Axel Challenge


End of the Road, Buddy

Braig knows it’s about to get bad, and there’s just one person to say bye to

vanitas xehanort kingdom hearts

A Way Out

Vanitas is searching for a purpose and Xehanort has the answer

sora riku soriku kingdom hearts

Guiding Light

Riku has a heart-to-heart with Terra (KH3 Spoilers)

Xemnas Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII

Pawns on the Board

Xemnas reflects on his plan for this game and the pieces in it

demyx ienzo kingdom hearts kh3

Hearts’ Reunion

KH3 SPOILERS: Zemyx-themed drabble

full moon through a window on a cloudy night

A Way Forward

KH3 SPOILERS: Ienzo struggles with his nightmares


They Are Children

Reflecting on Little Sisters with Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum at the Sanctuary


Found Poetry: Tenenbaum

Covering Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum’s character arc


Interviewing Angelo

Short and flirty interview piece with Dragon Quest VIII character, Angelo


New Year’s: Thane x Shepard

Thane celebrates New Year’s with Shepard in drell tradition


Practical Magic

Fayt, Sophia, and Maria discuss their pending battles