Hellfire | DA2 Fanfiction

Read up on this AU where Merrill is caught by Templars after getting the Arulin’Holm, setting off a new course of events. Hawke devises a plan to rescue her that involves turning himself into the Circle first, and Meredith unexpectedly takes an aggressive liking to him.

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  • Chapter 1: Setup
    • Meeting at the Hanged Man as usual, Hawke goes over the plan with the usual crowd. And Carver.
  • Chapter 2: First Step
    • Hawke turns himself into the Circle, and he’s only slightly hungover.
  • Chapter 3: Reunion
    • Hawke meets Knight Commander Meredith and First Enchanter Orsino before he’s finally introduced to the Circle, where he reunites with Merrill and tells her about a slight change in plan.
  • Chapter 4: Secret Ritual
    • Carver leads Hawke to The Harrowing as a test for them both.
  • Chapter 5: Harrowing
    • Hawke undergoes the Harrowing, confident he can face what is to come. It turns out denial and a brave font will be his best defense. And violence, but that’s the Fade for you, isn’t it?
  • Chapter 6: A Kept Mage
    • On a partial errand for the local herbalist, Hawke learns more about what it means to be a Circle mage safeguarded and stored by the Templars. This starts with Cullen on the Wounded Coast until Aveline escorts him at the Dalish camp, wondering why he didn’t come to her for help.
  • Chapter 7: Good Graces
    • Another week goes by, and Hawke has been finding it weirdly easy to settle into the Circle without making too much of a scene (but exhausting, since he’s a glorified magical errand boy). Apparently, he’s not the only one who thinks he’s performing well, since he’s gotten summons from Meredith herself again.
  • Chapter 8: Reporting In
    • Hubert called him from the Circle next to deal with a business matter, and Aveline and Varric use this chance to check in on Hawke. Meredith has already begun to set her sights on Hawke as a useful tool for the Templars in their pursuit of rebel mages (and perhaps more).
  • Chapter 9: The Big Night
    • Merrill says her goodbyes to Hawke as best she can while they’re both still under the watchful eyes of Templars, and she tries to offer Hawke some comfort at staying behind. Carver reaches out in his own way too, and the plan for her escape finally wraps up.
  • Chapter 10: Blackpowder Courtesy
    • Merrill is free now, and that was the point of their whole plan. But with Meredith at peak suspicion, she’s tightening her grip on Hawke, who won’t be freed until the dust has settled. But life is never quiet in Kirkwall, and the Viscount summoned Hawke on behalf of the Arishok. Even that isn’t enough to get Hawke’s mind off the mess he’s in now.
  • Chapter 11: Offered and Lost
    • On a quest from the Viscount to track down missing Qunari, Hawke gives away how bad life is in the Circle after Merrill’s escape (in action if not in words). The fate of the Qunari didn’t bode well for him either, but what could anyone do? It was just a matter of enduring the worst of it until it stopped being so bad. Hopefully.
  • Chapter 12: The Collar Unseen
    • Orsino has a quick talk with Hawke over breakfast, and he doesn’t have much in the way of happy news. Then, of course, there’s the threat from Meredith that she hadn’t acted on until now. All in all, it’s a bad day to be Garrett Hawke.